Cartr is a Switcher-exclusive comment to cart app available in the Shopify app store. With Cartr, viewers can purchase items from your Shopify store during a Facebook livestream simply by commenting on the video using a Unique Product Identifier, or UPI. Cartr then generates a chatbot message on Facebook which assists viewers with adding items to their cart and checking out, so you can focus on maintaining the livestream. This article covers the steps on how to use Cartr in a livestream with Switcher Studio.

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Cartr Requirements

If you have not done so, check out the Getting Started with Cartr article which covers all of the necessary steps to begin using Cartr on your livestreams. A summary of the requirements are listed below:

  • Cartr has been added to your Shopify Store.

  • Your preferred Shopify Collection(s) have been made available to Cartr.

  • Switcher Studio has been installed on your iOS device(s) (i.e. iPad, iPhone).

  • A Facebook account with admin or editor access to the corresponding Facebook Page is linked to Switcher Studio.

Selecting the Collection

To begin the process of livestreaming with Cartr, we recommend loading the Collection you will be featuring in the Switcher Studio app. This will make it easy to showcase your products on-screen when the time comes to begin selling.

To select a Shopify Collection for a Facebook Live video:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on your main switching device (i.e. iPad, iPhone)

  • Tap the Cartr tab (cart icon) in the bottom-right corner.

  • Tap the arrow next to Select Collection.

    • The next screen will display the Collections you have made available to Cartr.

  • Tap the name of the Collection you want to use.

    • The individual products in the Collection will now appear in the Cartr tab.

Selecting Facebook as the Output

Once you have selected the Shopify Collection to showcase in your Facebook Live video, you can select the Facebook Page you will be streaming to using the outputs tab in Switcher Studio.

To select a Facebook Page as the output:

  • Tap the outputs tab (box with arrow) on the main switching device (i.e. iPad, iPhone).

  • Tap the arrow next to Facebook.

  • Tap Page.

  • Tap the name of the Facebook Page you will be streaming to.

  • Enter the stream details.

    • Scheduling: Go Live Now or Schedule for Later

    • Title

    • Event Description

    • Optional Settings

      • Comment Moderation

      • Content Tags

      • Crossposting

      • Stream Quality

  • Tap Save.

    • A blue checkmark will appear next to Facebook in the Outputs tab.

Starting the Facebook Live Video

Now that you have designated the collection you would like to showcase, your products are ready for the livestream. Additionally, if you would like to connect additional cameras or add assets like title slides or testimonial videos, check out the Camera Setup and Assets Overview articles.

To begin the Facebook Live video:

  • Tap the record button (red circe) in the top-right corner on the main switching device (i.e. iPad, iPhone).

    • The live video will begin broadcasting to your connected Facebook page.

Featuring Products in the Livestream

To feature a product in the stream:

  • Tap the Cartr tab (cart icon) on the main switching device (i.e. iPad, iPhone)

  • Tap the item in the Products list.

  • The product image, name, price, and unique product identifier (UPI) will appear on the live program feed.

Note: The product name, image, UPI, and price, and options (e.g. sizes and colors) are pulled directly from your Shopify store. To see any of these details for a product, tap the "i" button on the right of the product name in the Products list.

Understanding the Viewer Experience

One of the biggest benefits of Cartr is how easy it makes the buying experience for your users. They simply comment "Cart" followed by the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) to begin their purchase.

To purchase an item from your livestream, viewers:

  • Post a normal Facebook comment with the word "Cart" followed by the UPI displayed on screen (i.e. "Cart WXYZ02") with the item they want to purchase.

    • They will immediately receive a private message from FB Messenger.

  • When they open the message, FB Messenger will ask them to select the product's options, such as size, color, and quantity, which are automatically pulled from your Shopify store.

  • The product will be added to the customer's cart.

  • To start the checkout process, the viewer will tap Proceed to Checkout.

    • The viewer will then be able to select or enter their payment method and complete the transaction.

If a customer wants to purchase multiple items featured in the stream, there are two options:

  • They can have multiple transactions, completed in real-time when the product is featured in the stream. They will use the process outlined above for checking out each time.

  • They can have one single transaction at the end of the stream (or after the last product they want to purchase is featured).

Note: While customers may prefer to have a single transaction, Shopify does not provide cart holds. Therefore, for items that are limited in quantity, there is no guarantee that the product will still be available to purchase at the end of the stream.

Video Tutorial: How to Live Stream Using Cartr

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