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Cartr Basics


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Cartr Basics

What is Cartr?

Cartr is a comment to cart app available in Shopify's app store that allows your viewers to purchase items by commenting on your live video. Their comment will generate a message from your Facebook Page which will walk them through filling their cart and checking out.

What are the requirements for Cartr?

To use Cartr, you must have the following:

  • A Shopify account

  • A public Facebook Page with Admin or Editor access

  • At least one iOS device (i.e. iPhone, iPad)

  • Switcher Studio app (included with Cartr)

How do I connect Cartr to my Shopify account?

Cartr is available in the Shopify App Store. Go to the Cartr app page and click Add App. You will be asked to select a plan and agree to the terms and conditions. Check out Adding Cartr to Your Shopify Store for more information.


How do I connect Cartr to my Facebook Page?

This is where the Switcher Studio app comes in to play. Switcher Studio for iOS is integrated with Cartr to connect your Shopify account to your Facebook Page. When you link your Facebook Page to Switcher Studio, Cartr is able to generate the chatbot messages. Read Connecting Your Facebook Account to Switcher Studio to learn more.

How do I go live with Switcher Studio and Cartr?

After you have designated a Shopify collection and connected your Facebook account to Switcher Studio, you can click the record button in the top right corner of the Switcher Studio app. Check out Using Cartr in a Livestream for more information.

Can I stream to a Facebook Group?

No, currently Cartr can only be used on livestreams to public Facebook pages.

If you would like to share the stream with members of a Facebook group, you can share the livestream link with the group.

Inventory Management

How does Cartr handle inventory?

Cartr connects directly to the inventory tracking in your Shopify store, so customers can only buy items that are in stock. If a product sells out before the customer checks out, they will not be able to purchase the item.

Can I edit Cartr permissions for individual products?

The easiest way to use Cartr is using Collections in Shopify. However, you can give Cartr permission to individual products. From your Shopify Admin dashboard:

  • Click the Products tab in the left sidebar.

  • Click the product you would like to edit.

  • Click Manage next to SALES CHANNELS AND APPS in the Product status section on the left side of the webpage.

  • Click the box next to Cartr to check or uncheck.

  • Click Done.

Customer Experience

How do customers purchase items?

Customers comment on the live video using a product code, or UPI (Unique Product Identifier), which is displayed on-screen in your live video when featuring products. When the customer comments on the video with the UPI (i.e. "cart 102"), this will generate a message from the Cartr chatbot, which walks them through purchasing the product(s).

Note: Customers must reply to the initial message from the Cartr chatbot in order to continue processing the order.

What if there is a typo in the customer's comment?

The Cartr chatbot is built to accommodate several variations in customer comments:

  • The "Cart" command is not case-sensitive. Customers can type "Cart," "cart," "CART," etc.

  • The "Cart + UPI" command works with and without a space (e.g. Cart102 and Cart 102).

Unfortunately if the customer mispells "cart" or types in a UPI code that does not exist, their comment will not trigger the Cartr chatbot.

What does the chatbot message look like to customers?

Cartr interacts with your customers using your own Facebook Page's messenger. This helps you maintain brand continuity and provides your customers with a seamless buying experience.

Can customers purchase products after the livestream has ended?

Yes, purchases can be made by commenting on the video up to 14 days after the original stream. If a product is no longer available in your store or is sold out, customers will not be able to purchase it.

What if a customer changes their mind?

Before a customer checks out, they have options to cancel the order or remove items.

While interacting with the Cartr chatbot in Messenger, customers can:

  • Type "Stop" at any time to cancel the order. The Stop command is not case-sensitive, so customers can type "STOP," "Stop," "stop," etc.

  • Click or tap the Remove button shown on an item in the chat.

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