With the Cartr app in Shopify's app store, Switcher Studio can connect to your Shopify store so you can showcase and sell your products on Facebook livestreams. By using this convenient integration, your viewers can purchase items simply by commenting on your live video, where an intuitive chatbot will walk them through adding items to their cart. This article covers the features and functionality of Cartr and Switcher Studio, along with work steps for setting up and connecting your accounts.

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What is Cartr?

Cartr is a comment to cart app available in Shopify's app store that allows you to connect your Shopify store to Switcher Studio, the livestreaming app for iOS. When Cartr pairs your Shopify store with Switcher Studio, it gives your Facebook viewers the ability to comment on the livestream with a unique product identifier, or UPI, which generates a chatbot message and walks them through the checkout experience.

What is Switcher Studio?

Switcher Studio is an iOS app that allows you to easily record and livestream high-quality video to Facebook and other platforms using iPhones and iPads as your cameras. You can create videos with a single iPhone or iPad camera, or you can wirelessly connect up to nine iOS devices to have multiple camera angles in your production. Cartr works in tandem with the Switcher Studio app to generate the chatbot for your Facebook Live videos.

Additional live selling features in Switcher Studio include:

  • A library of customizable templates and assets, such as text, audio, and video.

  • Logo and color customization, using the Brand Profile feature.

  • Live Selling Cards, which combine cameras with product images, logos, and text.

App Requirements

To use Cartr, you must have:

  • At least one iOS device. (i.e. iPhone, iPad)

  • Shopify store.

  • Facebook Page with Admin or Editor access.

  • Switcher Studio account. (Created when adding Cartr)

Adding Cartr to Your Shopify Store

To begin the process of setting up Cartr for use in Facebook livestreams, the Cartr app must first be added to your Shopify store.

To add Cartr to your Shopify store:

  • Go to the Cartr app page in the Shopify App Store.

  • Click Add app.

    • Log in to your Shopify account if prompted.

  • Click Add sales channel in the bottom-right corner.

  • Select the appropriate account action:

    • For existing Switcher Studio users, click Connect Switcher Account.

    • For new Switcher Studio users, click Start a free 14-day trial.

  • A new window will appear prompting you to enter your new or existing account information. Enter the required fields and submit.

  • On the next page, click Choose Plan next to the Switcher Studio plan that best fits your needs.

  • Click Approve on the left side of the screen.

Note: By creating an account, you are starting a free 14-day trial for the Switcher Studio iOS app. Your trial will automatically expire if you do not sign up for a subscription.

Designating Products to Use in Your Livestream

Once you have added Cartr to your Shopify store, you can make your Shopify Collection(s) available to showcase and sell products in your livestream.

To make a Shopify Collection available to Cartr:

  • Go to your Shopify admin page.

  • Click Products in the left sidebar.

  • Click Collections below Products in the left sidebar.

  • Click the collection (i.e. Spring 2022) you want to make available in your livestream.

  • Click Manage in the Collection availability section.

  • Check the box next to Cartr.

  • Click Done.

Note: Product permissions override permissions for Collections. Therefore, we recommend ensuring Cartr has been added as a Sales Channel to all products within the Collection you will be featuring in your livestream.

Downloading the Switcher Studio App

After designating which products you would like to sell in your Facebook livestream, you can download the Switcher Studio app on your iOS device(s). Switcher Studio is the app you will use to stream to Facebook and display the items from your Shopify store.

To download the Switcher Studio app:

  • Open the App Store on your iOS device(s). (i.e. iPad, iPhone)

  • Tap the Search icon.

  • Type Switcher Studio in the search bar.

  • Tap Search.

  • Tap Get or Install next to Switcher Studio: Live Stream.

    • If prompted, enter your Apple ID password.

  • The Switcher Studio app will now install on your device.

Connecting Your Facebook Account to Switcher Studio

In order to livestream to Facebook from Switcher Studio, next you will need to connect your Facebook account to Switcher Studio. This will also allow Cartr the ability to display your products on screen and engage the chatbot checkout feature.

To link your Facebook account in the Switcher Studio app:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone).

    • If prompted, log in using your Switcher Studio account credentials.

  • Tap Use as Switcher.

  • Tap the Outputs tab (box with arrow) in the bottom-right corner.

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Facebook.

  • Tap Connect Account.

    • If prompted, enter your Facebook login credentials.

  • If asked to select permissions, keep the visibility setting on Public and click OK.

  • Click OK.

    • You will receive a confirmation message when your account has been linked.

  • Tap Continue.

Going Live With Switcher Studio

Now that you have added Cartr to your Shopify store, installed the Switcher Studio app, and linked your Facebook account, you can begin livestreaming! For a walkthrough on using Cartr with Switcher Studio in a live production, check out to the Live Selling With Cartr article.

Video Tutorial: How to Link Shopify With Switcher Studio

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