In addition to connecting iOS devices as remote cameras, you can also have an iOS screen as an input in Switcher Studio. That means you can display a screen from an iOS device into your video production. Switcher allows you to do this by simply selecting the Share This Device option in the app.

Note: iOS devices must be on the same network as the main switcher device in order to connect and share their screen.

There are 3 steps to sharing the screen from your iOS device into Switcher:

  1. Set up the device whose screen you want to share.

  2. Bring the shared screen into your Switcher production.

  3. Stop sharing the screen once your broadcast is complete.

This article includes step-by-step instructions for sharing an iOS screen in the Switcher Studio app. If you haven't set up a device as the main switcher yet, please refer to this article on Camera Setup to set up your main switching device.

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Setting up a Device for Screensharing

When you share your screen, the entire screen will be visible in your broadcast. Make sure to enable Do Not Disturb on your device to prevent any notifications from appearing during your stream.

Step 1: Open the Switcher Studio app on the device whose screen you want to share (do not log in) and tap the Share This Device button.

Step 2: Tap the Share This Screen button.

After tapping Share This Screen, a dialogue box will appear notifying you that you are about to enable screen recording on your device via our Switcher Cast software. You don't need to download anything new.

Step 3: Tap Start Broadcast to start sharing your screen.

Once you tap Start Broadcast, the window will count down from 3 to let you know screensharing is about to begin. Once the device is screensharing, a red recording icon will appear with a timer showing the time lapsed since screensharing began.

Step 4: Navigate to the screen outside of the Switcher app that you'd like to share into your production.

Bringing the Shared Screen into Switcher

Once you’ve shared your screen, you’ll need to enable the screenshare display as an input on the main switching device. Enabling it as an input will allow you to select the screen during your production.

Step 1: On the main switcher device, tap the Inputs tab (camera icon in tab bar).

The devices you have shared will be listed under Sources on your WiFi network.

Step 2: Tap the device name to enable it as a usable input in your production.

Devices you have screenshared will show as Display on [Device Name]. Once enabled, a blue check mark will appear next to the device name.

The enabled device will appear as a source in the Sources / Production panel.

Alternative Option: Connecting iOS Devices by URL

If your device does not automatically appear in the Inputs tab of the switcher device as described above, you can connect it to Switcher by using a device URL.

Step 1: Open the Switcher Studio app on the device that is screensharing.

You'll see the message "You are Sharing this Screen." On the right, there will be a unique URL that starts with "rlcc://" followed by a number.

Step 2: Connect the device to the switcher, as follows:

  • From the main switcher device, tap the Inputs tab (video camera icon).

  • Tap Add Source.

  • Tap Connect by URL.

  • Type in the unique URL from your remote device.

  • Tap Connect in the top right.

The device will appear under the Sources on Your Wi-Fi Network section, with a blue check mark indicating it has been enabled as in input.

Ending Screensharing

When your broadcast has ended, you'll need to stop screensharing on the device that you have shared into Switcher. To do this,

Step 1: Tap the red record icon in the top right corner on the device that is screensharing.

Step 2: Tap Stop when the Screen Broadcasting dialogue box appears.

Troubleshooting iOS Screensharing

If you're having trouble sharing your iOS screen into Switcher, there are a few things you'll want to check.

  1. Make sure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

  2. Make sure all devices are running iOS 13 or later.

  3. Make sure Switcher Studio is up-to-date on all devices.

  4. Try connecting the device using its URL (instructions outlined above, in the section Alternative Option: Connecting iOS Devices by URL).

If you've checked all of these and you're still having trouble screensharing into your broadcast, please contact the Switcher Studio Support team by using the messenger widget in the app or the online Dashboard.

Cropping a Screensharing Display

It's not possible to share just a part of the screen on an iOS device. The entire screen will be visible in your broadcast. To ensure that notifications don't show during your stream, be sure to enable Do Not Disturb on your device.

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