Using RTMP Reconnect for Interrupted Connections

RTMP Reconnect is a feature released as part of the Switcher Studio 8.0 update. When enabled, RTMP Reconnect makes it easier to recover a livestream if there is a temporary disruption (like a drop in Wi-Fi) that would normally stop the livestream. This feature is located in the Outputs tab of the Switcher Studio app.

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Enabling RTMP Reconnect

RTMP Reconnect is disabled by default. To enable the feature:

  • Go to the Outputs tab (box with right arrow icon).

  • Tap the toggle next to RTMP Reconnect (Experimental).

  • Once enabled, the toggle bar is blue and the white button is on the right.

  • To disable the feature, tap the toggle again.

  • When disabled, the toggle bar is grey and the white button is on the left.

Using RTMP Reconnect to Continue a Disrupted Livestream

If you are livestreaming and there is a drop in the network connection, you will receive a broadcasting error message, which means Switcher Studio has been disconnected from the livestreaming destination. If you had RTMP Reconnect enabled during the stream, you will see Recover Broadcast as one of the options in the error message.

When you receive a broadcasting error message, the stream/connection quality dot will turn red or yellow. The dot is located above the Live window, next to the production clock.

To try to reconnect Switcher Studio and continue the livestream:

  • Tap Recover Broadcast.

  • Switcher Studio will attempt to reconnect to the destination.

  • If it is able to reconnect, the error message will go away.

  • Once the stream is reconnected, the stream/connection quality dot will turn green.

Note: Because RTMP Reconnect is still an experimental feature, we recommend checking the stream on another device to ensure it reconnected successfully.

What happens if Switcher Studio is unable to reconnect?

If, after you tap Recover Broadcast, Switcher Studio is unable to reconnect, you will receive the message "Streaming server not reachable," with the same options as the original broadcast error.

If you tap Recover Broadcast, but there is still an issue preventing a connection-- for example if the network is down instead of experiencing a temporary drop--eventually, the platform will end the broadcast. The amount of time allowed to try to recover the broadcast varies from a few seconds to minutes. The platform, not Switcher Studio, determines when to disconnect the connection entirely, which ends the broadcast.

Understanding how RTMP Reconnect Impacts the Video Recording

One of the benefits of using RTMP Reconnect to recover the broadcast is that the video recording will contain all footage and audio from the production, including anything that happened while the stream was disconnected. So you will not lose anything that occurred during the temporary disruption.

To access the recording:

  • From the main switcher, tap Video Library

  • Tap the recording.

Understanding the Audience Experience when using RTMP Reconnect

Although the video recording will include all footage and audio from the production, the livestream may buffer and then skip ahead to sync with the live feed. The audience will miss what happens while the connection was interrupted.

Using RTMP Reconnect with Multistreaming

RTMP Reconnect works best when streaming to a single destination using Switcher Studio's native platform integrations. When using the Multistreaming feature to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, RTMP Reconnect will affect the connection between Switcher Studio and the third-party platform we use to distribute the stream, not the final destination(s). We are working on improving the feature to enhance the Multistreaming experience in the future.

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