Switcher as a Webcam (Early Access)

Switcher Studio 5.5 introduced new functionality called Switcher as a Webcam. This functionality is powered by an integration with Camo, which makes it easy to push the Switcher Studio live view into third-party video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.

The first version of Switcher as a Webcam is limited in scope, but we plan to increase support and functionality in the future. Here are the current limitations:

  • Mac only (we expect to add Windows support in the near future)

  • The audio source is limited to the built-in mic on the iPad/iPhone, a bluetooth mic connected to the Pad/iPhone, or the analog headphone jack if it is available on the Pad/iPhone.

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What is Camo?

Camo, an app created by the software company Reincubate, makes it easy to use an iPhone or iPad as a webcam. The cameras on iOS devices are significantly better than webcams, so using Camo leads to higher quality video calls.

The Switcher Studio Camo integration uses Camo's technology to turn Switcher into a webcam, which means you can add Switcher Studio as an audio/video source for video call apps and browsers.

There is no additional cost for using the Camo integration with Switcher Studio, and you do not need to install the Camo iOS app. The Camo functionality exists inside of the Switcher Studio app.

Overview of How to Use Switcher as a Webcam

We provide detailed step-by-step instructions below, but here are the basic steps to use Switcher as a Webcam:

  • Download the Camo Mac app (one-time).

  • Connect the iOS device acting as the switcher to your Mac.

  • Open the Switcher Studio app and tap Use as Switcher.

  • Open Camo on your Mac and select the iOS Device.

  • Open a video conferencing app (such as Zoom), select Camo Reincubate as the audio and video sources.

Switcher as a Webcam Video Tutorial

Installing the Camo App on your Mac (one-time process)

You should only have to install Camo on your Mac once. Before installing Camo, make sure you are running the latest versions of MacOS:

  • Go to System Preferences > Software Update

  • If there is an OS update available, click Upgrade Now and follow the prompts.

Downloading & Installing Camo

  • Download and unzip Camo by clicking here. If the link doesn't work, go to https://reincubate.com/camo/ and click Download for MacOS.

  • Double-click the Camo Studio icon in your Downloads folder, and follow the prompts to install it.

Note: Camo Studio will prompt you for several permissions to install. You must allow the permissions in order for the Camo/Switcher Studio integration to work correctly. Camo will move itself to the Applications folder and install a plugin to let video conferencing apps see it.

Once Camo has been installed, it will open on your Mac. When Camo Studio runs for the first time, it will ask if you want it to automatically check for updates. We recommend that you allow it to check for updates. You can close Camo if you are not using it immediately.

Connecting Switcher Studio to Camo

Plug in the iPhone/iPad to your Mac

Currently the Camo integration requires a wired connection from the iOS device's charge port to the Mac. The cable you use will depend on the charge port on the iOS device (lightning or USB-C) and the available ports on the Mac (USB-A or USB-C).

Camo strongly suggests connecting your iOS device directly to your computer. However, if you absolutely have to use a USB hub, you must use one of the official Apple hubs:

Note: Using a third-party adapter may cause disconnects or lagging.

Launch Switcher Studio

  • Launch the Switcher Studio app on the main switcher device.

  • Choose Use as Switcher.

Note: Switcher Studio will not show up in the device list in Camo until you are in the Switching mode.

Launch Camo

  • Navigate to Camo Studio on your Mac (in the Applications folder or using the search function).

  • Open Camo Studio.

Select the Switcher Studio Device in Camo

  • Under Camera settings in Camo, choose the device running Switcher Studio that is connected to your Mac.

  • The live output window of Switcher will now appear in Camo Studio.

By default, the video preview in Camo will be zoomed in. To adjust it to match the live view in Switcher Studio:

  • Click the Preview Magnification dropdown, above the Camera Settings section.

  • Select Scale to Fit.

Using Switcher as a Webcam with Video Conferencing Tools

You can use Switcher as a Webcam with any third-party program or browser that is compatible with Camo. You can see the full list of compatible options on Camo's website here.

To use Switcher as a Webcam with a video conferencing app, you'll simply connect Switcher to Camo, open a third-party program that uses a webcam, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc. From there, the exact steps will vary by program, but the overall process is the same:

  • Select Camo Reincubate as the webcam video source.

  • Select Camo Reincubate as the audio source. All sound routed through Switcher will be shared (including video assets and sound effects).

  • Highly recommended:

    • Use headphones connected to your computer to hear what's happening on the call. Select the headphones as the speaker/audio output for the call. If you are not using headphones, turn off the computer speakers to avoid echo and audio feedback.

    • If the video conferencing tool mirrors the image, disable the feature.

Below, we've outlined the steps for some of the most popular apps.

Using Switcher Studio as a Webcam with Zoom

Selecting Camo Reincubate as the webcam video source

  • Click ^ next to Start Video

  • Choose Reincubate Camo as the camera.

  • If there is a red diagonal line across the camera icon, it means the video is turned off. To turn on the video, click the camera icon that says Start Video.

Selecting Camo Reincubate as the webcam audio source

  • Click ^ next to the microphone icon in the lower left.

  • Choose Reincubate (Camo Microphone) as the microphone.

  • If there is a red diagonal line across the microphone icon and it says Unmute, it means the audio is muted. To turn on the audio, click the microphone icon. When audio is transmitting, the microphone will turn green.

Selecting headphones as the speaker

We highly recommend wearing wired or bluetooth headphones connected to your Mac. To set the headphones as the speaker:

  • Click ^ next to the microphone icon in the lower left.

  • Under Select a Speaker, choose your headphones.

Disabling Mirror Image

By default, Zoom mirrors the source video image. Mirroring the image will cause issues when using Switcher Studio, especially if you are using text or graphics in your production. We recommend disabling mirroring as follows:

  • Click ^ next to Start Video

  • Select Video Settings.

  • Click the box next to "Mirror my video" to disable it.

Note: Switcher as a Webcam is the easiest way to output Switcher to Zoom. However, if you are unable to use this option due to the requirements, an alternative way to get Switcher into Zoom is by using Airplay. For more information, please go to the Help Center article: Using Switcher Studio with Zoom Video Conferencing

Using Switcher Studio as a Webcam with Google Meet

  • Click the icon with 3 vertical dots

  • Choose Settings

  • Go to Video.

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to Camera

  • Choose Reincubate Camo as the camera.

  • Go to Audio.

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to Microphone.

  • Select Camo Microphone (Virtual).

  • If you are using Headphones, select that option under Audio > Speakers.

  • If the video is off when you're on the main screen, click the camera icon to turn on the camera.

  • If the microphone is muted, click the microphone to turn on audio.

Note: Camo recommends against using Google Meet in Safari.

Audio Support for the Camo/Switcher Studio Integration

The first version of the Switcher Studio Camo integration has limited audio support. Audio must be routed through the main switcher device using one of the following options:

  • Built-in mic on the iPad/iPhone

  • Bluetooth mic, such as Airpods, connected to the Pad/iPhone

  • Analog headphone jack if it is available on the Pad/iPhone

It is not currently possible to use the charge port to connect an external audio mixer.

Note: If you try to use a microphone connected to the Mac as the webcam audio source, the audio and video will be out of sync.

Setting the Resolution Output in Switcher Studio

Camo recommends matching the resolution output in Switcher Studio to the video conferencing service's capabilities. When using Switcher as a Webcam, you can set the resolution as follows:

  • From the main switcher, go to the Outputs tab.

  • Scroll down to the Recording section.

  • Tap Advanced Settings.

  • Tap Live Output Format.

  • Select from the list of formats (the last number in each option is usually what you'll use to match the video conferencing tool's resolution - 540p, 720p, 1080p, etc.)

If you are using Zoom, there’s no need to set your video resolution higher than 720p, as that’s the maximum Zoom output. Using a higher resolution will lead to your video service downscaling the picture quality by itself, and this can cause your video to look worse than it otherwise would, and cause your picture to lag.

Some conferencing apps — like Google Meet — have a high upper bound on the resolution they'll use. That means that if you can get great resolution, they'll likely use it. That means that using 1080p is usually worthwhile with Meet.

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