When setting up a new or scheduled stream, one of the requirements is selecting a Stream Quality setting. This article walks through the various Stream Quality options and how to choose a quality based on the available network.

Stream Quality Options

The Stream Quality options will vary based on whether you have enabled 1080p streaming. By default, the livestreaming quality options in Switcher Studio are limited to 360p, 480p, 540p, and 720p.

Stream Quality Options if 1080p is not Enabled

  • 270p

  • 360p

  • 540p

  • 720p

Stream Quality Options if 1080p is Enabled

  • 540p

  • 720p

  • 1080p

Required Upload Speeds for each Stream Quality

Running a Speed Test

We always recommend running a speed test of the network in the environment that you will be streaming in, and using the results to select a Stream Quality. The upload speed and consistency of the network will greatly affect the reliability of your stream.

Switcher Studio has built-in speed test options if you are streaming to Facebook or if you are using Custom RTMP. If you are not using the built-in option, we recommend running a speed test at speedof.me from a browser on the device you will be using with Switcher Studio.

Note: Most speed test tools are provided by ISPs, so they use servers very close to you and show the potential internet speed, but it's not a realistic test. For the most accurate speed test, use our built-in tools or speedof.me.

Choosing a Stream Quality

If you use a built-in speed test, the Stream Quality will be selected for you, based on the speed test results. If your network tends to drop out, we recommend selecting the stream quality one option lower than what your speed test indicates. For example, if 720p is selected after your speed test, you can manually select 560p. Choosing a lower quality will reduce the chances of losing your broadcast due to a network drop.

If you are running your own speed test, here are our recommendations, based on the minimum upload speeds required to support each option:

  • 270p: 1.5mbps upload

  • 360p: 2mbps upload

  • 540p: 2.5mbps upload

  • 720p: 6mbps upload

  • 1080p: 12mbps upload

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