By default, the livestreaming quality options in Switcher Studio include:

  • 270p

  • 360p

  • 540p

  • 720p

Streaming in 1080p is available, but you must manually enable the option in order to use it. We disable this option by default because it requires a robust private network, and ff the network cannot support it, there will be issues with the stream and will likely disconnect. We highly recommend using an Ethernet connection for best results with 1080p streams.

Enabling the 1080p Streaming Option

  1. Log into your Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  2. If you are not automatically taken there, click/tap Experimental Features in the main menu.

  3. Click/tap the toggle next to Enable [email protected]...

When the option has been enabled, the toggle button will turn orange.

Selecting the 1080p Streaming Option

When setting up a stream, the Stream Quality options will now include 1080p. Simply tap the button to select 1080p.

Note: Some platforms may downgrade your stream quality, even if you select 1080p.

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