Switcher Studio's Facebook integration allows you to easily stream to your Timeline, a Page, or a Group. There are three core steps to going live, which are:

  1. Linking your Facebook account to Switcher Studio

  2. Setting up the Facebook stream

  3. Initiating the Facebook broadcast (aka going live)

This article provides options and step-by-step instructions for each step. Use the links in the list above to skip to a specific section.

Note: Streaming to a Facebook Event is not possible with the integration. You will need to use Custom RTMP to stream to an Event. Check out the Help Center article Streaming to a Facebook Event with Switcher Studio for step-by-step instructions.

Required Facebook Permissions

Permissions for a Facebook Page

In order to stream to a Facebook Page, your personal Facebook account must have Admin access to that Page. Anything other than an Admin role (e.g. Moderator, Editor, Writer), will not allow you to stream to the Page.

Permissions for a Facebook Group

In order to stream to a Facebook Group, you must be an Admin, and you need to add Switcher Studio as a streaming app for your Group. This is usually a one-time process and is different than linking your Facebook account.

  1. Navigate to your Group on Facebook. Remember that you must be an Admin of the group.

  2. Select Settings under the Admin Tools section of the sidebar.

  3. Scroll down to the Apps section and click the pencil icon.

  4. Search for "Switcher Studio".

  5. Select Switcher Studio.

  6. Confirm that you want to allow streaming to your Group from Switcher Studio's servers.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Close the final confirmation box.

Linking your Facebook Account to Switcher Studio

You can connect your Facebook account to Switcher Studio either directly through the Switcher iOS app or the Switcher Studio Dashboard. Some people prefer the Dashboard option because they can use a computer, and if they're already logged into Facebook, it makes the setup easier.

Note: Please do not change the visibility settings during this process, or you may have issues with your videos not appearing correctly.

Linking your Facebook account in the Switcher Studio Dashboard

  • Go to the Streaming Providers tab in the Switcher Studio Dashboard

  • Click the Facebook icon.

  • Click Link Your Facebook Account.

  • If you are already logged into Facebook, click Continue as <your name>. If you are not logged into Facebook, enter your email and password.

  • Keep the visibility settings set to Public and click OK. Public visibility is required in order for Switcher Studio to post to your Timeline on Facebook. You can adjust the visibility settings on individual streams when you set them up.

  • Click OK to give Switcher permission to post to your Pages, and Groups. You can remove destinations by clicking Chose what you allow. Be very careful to ensure you do not remove a destination you may want to stream to in the future.

Once you have successfully linked your account, you will be returned to the Dashboard, where you will see your Facebook streaming destinations. When you are ready to stream to Facebook, you will need to use the Switcher Studio mobile app on an iOS device and follow the instructions outlined under Setting up your Facebook Stream.

Note: The Facebook linking authorization expires occasionally. If you receive an error message about a user token, or if you are prompted to relink your account, you can easily relink in the Dashboard or iOS app.

Linking your Facebook account in the Switcher Studio App

If you would rather link your account using the mobile app, the process is slightly different:

  • Navigate to the Outputs tab on your main switcher device.

  • Tap the blue "+" icon in the upper-right corner of the Outputs tab.

  • Tap the Facebook icon from the dialog box.

  • Tap Link Your Facebook Account.

  • Enter your Facebook login credentials. If you are already logged into Facebook on Safari, you will not need to enter a username and password. Simply click Continue as <your name>.

  • Keep the visibility setting on Public and click OK. This is really important because if you change this setting to anything but Public, no one will be able to see any videos you stream with Switcher Studio. You can adjust the visibility settings for each individual video when you set up the stream.

  • Click OK on the next screen when asked about posting content.

If you are not going live immediately, tap Close. If you are going live immediately, start with the third bullet below.

Setting up the Facebook Stream

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on your main switcher device and go to the Outputs tab (box with arrow icon).

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Facebook.

  • Tap My timeline, Page, or Group. If you do not see these options, tap the gear icon in the top right and tap Choose New Destination.

  • Tap your desired streaming destination.

  • Add a title and description for your stream.

  • Select a Stream Quality. (Optional) Tap Optimize Connection to Facebook, which will test your upload speed and select the optimal stream quality as well as connect to the Facebook servers that are closest to your location. Alternatively, you can manually select a stream quality by tapping an option.

Note: Keep in mind the quality of your production still depends on the strength of your network. If you are concerned about your upload speed or reliability of your network, we recommend selecting a lower stream quality to prevent broadcast issues.

  • Below Share with, tap the selector to adjust the visibility for your stream

  • (Optional) Tap Add content tags and type in related tags to make your video easier to find.

  • (Optional) Tap the Scheduling toggle to enable and set scheduling options, if your plan includes this feature.

  • Tap Create Livestream to create the streaming event. Your stream will not actually begin until you initiate it, as outlined below.

Initiating the Facebook Broadcast

After tapping Create Livestream, you’ll be taken back to the main Switcher Studio screen, with the Outputs tab visible.

  • Next to Facebook, you should see the name of the stream you just created. Tap Facebook to select it at your streaming destination. Once selected, there will be a blue checkmark visible.

  • To go live, tap the big red button in the top right.

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