General Information about Custom RTMP

Switcher Studio has a direct integration with several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, that make it easy to stream by simply selecting the destination within the app. However, users can stream to many different platforms without a direct integration, by using Custom RTMP.  Most simulcasting providers also rely on Custom RTMP.

RTMP, which stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol, is supported by most streaming providers. "Custom RTMP" simply means you'll create a unique streaming channel in Switcher Studio based on parameters provided by your streaming platform. 

To use Custom RTMP with Switcher Studio, you'll need two RTMP values from the platform you want to stream to: 

  1. A Server URL, and 

  2. A Stream Key/ID

Once you have these two parameters, you'll enter them into Switcher Studio and set up a Custom RTMP channel to stream to the platform. 

Options for Setting up Custom RTMP with Switcher Studio

There are two ways to set up a Custom RTMP channel in Switcher Studio:

  1. Directly in the Switcher Studio App

  2. Using the Switcher Studio online Dashboard

The benefit to #2, setting up RTMP in the Switcher online Dashboard, is that you can use any internet-connected device, including computers. Whereas, when you set up Custom RTMP directly in the Switcher Studio app, you have to set it up on the mobile device that you're using as the main switching device to control your production. Many users find it much easier to copy and paste RTMP parameters into the Dashboard.

For step-by-step instructions for each option, check out these articles:

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