Ways To Use Gated Content

Gated Content passes can be assigned to videos in multiple ways, allowing you to offer a pass for a single video, a collection of videos, an entire Switcher Player, and more!

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One-Time Passes

Creating a pass for a single video is a great option for live performances or sporting events. This allows you to generate payouts on a per-video basis. There is no limit to the amount of passes you can create, so you can designate a unique Pass for every video on your Switcher Player Playlist(s). To learn how to create a one-time pass, check out How to Create a One-Time Pass for Switcher Player.

Subscription Passes

Subscriptions allow you to sell access to your existing and upcoming video content on a recurring basis. Passes can be purchased monthly or annually depending on how you would like to configure your Switcher Player. After purchasing the pass, the pass holder will have access to all existing and new content associated with the pass. To learn more, check out How to Create a Subscription Pass for Switcher Player.

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