Basic Streaming & Recording Setup

Before going live to your desired platform, there are a few settings that need to be configured within the Switcher app to link your platform account. The Outputs tab in the Switcher Studio app is where you will set up your livestream or turn off streaming if you want to record your video without going live. This article covers connecting platform accounts and instructions on how to go live.

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Linking Your Streaming Platform Account to Switcher Studio

If you are streaming to a platform that Switcher is integrated with, such as Facebook or YouTube, you will need to link that account to Switcher Studio. Linking is required to grant Switcher the permission to stream to your account. This is usually a one-time process. You can link your account either directly in the Switcher Studio app or using the online Switcher Studio Dashboard.

Note: Using the Multistreaming feature, multiple platforms can be linked and streamed to simultaneously.

To link an account in the app:

  • Under the Broadcasting section of the Outputs tab, tap the platform you want to link to Switcher Studio (i.e. Facebook).

  • Enter your login credentials for the platform. 

  • Tap Log In.

    • If you are not going live immediately, tap Close.

To link an account in the Dashboard:

  • Log into the Switcher Studio Dashboard using the same email and password as the app.

  • Click Platforms in the left menu.

  • Click Connect next to the platform you want to link to Switcher Studio.

  • Click Connect Account on the next screen.

  • Enter your login credentials or confirm your identity for the platform.

  • Follow the prompts until you receive confirmation that the account has been linked.

Setting up a Livestream

You will see several options for streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) under the Broadcasting section of the Outputs tab. The most common platforms that are integrated with Switcher Studio will appear by default, and you can add additional platforms by tapping the + icon above Broadcasting.

To set up a livestream:

  • Tap the blue arrow next to the platform.

    • Based on the platform you select, you may be prompted to enter details like a title and description, and adjust settings such as visibility and stream quality. If you are using a platform that allows scheduling livestreams, you will also have the option to set the broadcast date and time.

  • Tap Save.

  • Optional: Tap the toggle next to RTMP Reconnect to enable a feature that will try to recover your livestream connection if there is a temporary drop in the Wi-Fi. RTMP Reconnect is disabled by default, but we recommend enabling it. When it's enabled, the toggle bar is blue.

  • When you are ready to go live, tap the red button in the top-right corner to start the broadcast.

Recording Without Livestreaming

To record your video production without going live:

  • Tap the outputs tab (arrow and box).

  • Tap None in the Broadcasting section of the Outputs tab.

  • When you are ready to begin recording, tap the red button in the top-right corner.

Disabling Recording

By default, Switcher Studio records a local copy of your livestream. We recommend keeping recording enabled in case there are any issues with the livestream. However, it is possible to disable recording as follows:

  • Tap the Outputs tab.

  • Tap Advanced Settings.

  • Tap Record Live Output to disable the setting.

    • When this setting is disabled, the toggle bar is white and the button is to the left. 

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