Monitoring the Stream Quality and the Live or Recording Status

Stream & Connection Quality Dot

When you are livestreaming, you will see a green, yellow, or red dot next to the production clock, above the Live window. The color of the dot reflects your connection quality. If you are only livestreaming, the dot will appear after about five seconds into the production. If you are livestreaming and recording, the dot will appear after about ten seconds.

  • Green: If the dot is green, it means your connection is stable.

  • Yellow: If the dot turns yellow, it means there is a connection issue and the stream has slowly started falling behind. This is usually caused by streaming at too high of a quality or too much traffic on the network.

  • Red: If the dot turns red, you will likely receive a broadcast error and your livestream may get disconnected.

We always recommend testing your setup with a private stream, and if you get a yellow or red dot, either choosing a lower stream quality or using Reinforced Wi-Fi Mode. This article provides more guidance: Optimizing Settings for a Better Broadcast

Livestreaming and/or Recording Status

The Live/Record Indicator appears once you have started your production, and provides the following information:

  • Whether you are livestreaming, recording, or both

  • A running timer of the livestream and/or recording

  • The quality of the connection (if you are livestreaming)

There are three potential statuses shown in the indicator:

  • LIVE + REC (you are both livestreaming and recording)

  • REC (you are recording only and not livestreaming)

  • LIVE (you are livestreaming only and not recording)

A timer appears below the indicator, and will continue to count up during the duration of your production. When you stop your production, the timer will stop and the indicator will dim.

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