Switcher Studio Dashboard Overview

The Switcher Studio Dashboard is a website that allows you to manage your Switcher Studio account and tools. This article provides an overview of the features available within the Dashboard and links to additional help center articles to learn more about each feature.

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Account Section

By clicking on your Switcher Studio login (your email address) in the left sidebar, you have access to different account settings.


The Profile tab allows you to update your Switcher Studio account password.

Brand Profile

The Brand Profile tab allows you to configure and save your own colors for assets. For more information, check out the Creating Your Brand Profile article.

Support Messages

The Support Messages tab populates any correspondence that you have had with the Switcher Studio support team.

Tabs Section

The tabs in the left sidebar of the Switcher Studio Dashboard are home to account tools and features.


The Home tab provides an overview of your subscription status, Switcher Cloud usage, Switcher Player link (Business plan), Remote Guest link, and Referral Program link. Additionally, the home tab contains video tutorials for the basic functions of the Switcher Studio app.

Video Library

The Video Library provides Cloud Recordings from any previous streams that utilized Multistreaming. These videos can be downloaded and stored on your local device.

Switcher Cloud

The Switcher Cloud tab provides access to all of your assets that are currently stored on the cloud. You can also edit, rename, and delete files on the Switcher Cloud from the Dashboard. For more information, check out the Switcher Cloud Overview.

Remote Guests

The Remote Guests tab houses the invite link for the Remote Guest Room, along with an option to launch your Remote Guest Room from the Dashboard.

My Livestreams

The My Livestreams tab provides platform links to any previous livestreams.

Switcher Player

Switcher Player (Business plan only) is a Switcher-hosted web player that provides you with your own unique URL and embed code. From the Switcher Player tab you can configure your player settings and copy your web player link and embed code. For more information, check out the Livestreaming to Switcher Player article.


The Platforms tab allows you to connect your platform and set up a livestream event. You can connect to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Multistreaming, Switcher Player, and Custom RTMP. For more information on the platforms available for streaming, check out the Streaming Platform Integrations article.


The Subscription tab provides information on your account and account management tools.

Manage Referrals

The Manage Referrals tab contains an overview of your total referrals and Switcher credit earned. You can copy your unique referral link from this page to send out. To learn more, check out the Switcher Referral Program Overview.


The Downloads tab provides links to the Switcher Studio app in the Apple App Store and Switcher Cast for Mac and Windows.

Experimental Features

The Experimental Features tab provides the ability to enable any features that are available for testing in the beta phase, such as enabling 1080p streaming. Check out the Enabling 1080p Streaming article to learn more.

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