Streaming to YouTube Using Custom RTMP

Custom RTMP is a feature that uses a specific Stream URL and Stream Key to connect your YouTube channel to Switcher Studio. This is an alternative to the direct integration with YouTube, which allows you to directly log in to your YouTube account from within Switcher Studio to connect the two services. This article covers the scenarios where Custom RTMP with YouTube is a preferred option and how to set it up within Switcher Studio.

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Custom RTMP Overview

Switcher Studio's direct integration with YouTube makes it easy to stream to a YouTube channel. However, there are instances when the integration is not an option and Custom RTMP is more beneficial. The following are scenarios where Custom RTMP is the best route to connecting YouTube to Switcher Studio:

  • If you are waiting for your YouTube account to be approved for livestreaming.

  • If you are having trouble linking your Youtube account to Switcher Studio.

  • If there is a known issue with the Switcher Studio + YouTube integration.

Note: For information about what Custom RTMP is and why it's used, check out the Streaming to Platforms Without a Direct Integration article.

Generating a Stream Key and URL

Before you can connect your YouTube account to Switcher Studio, you will first need a YouTube Stream Key and URL. These are the unique identifiers from your YouTube account that will be used to connect to Switcher Studio.

To generate a Stream Key and URL:

  • Log in to on a web browser.

  • Click the camera icon in the top-right corner.

  • Click Go Live in the dropdown menu.

  • Click the blue Schedule Stream button in the top-right corner.

    • You will have the option to create an entirely new stream or to reuse the settings from a previous stream.

  • Enter the stream details, including a title, a description, and a thumbnail for the stream.

  • Choose whether or not the stream is for Kids, and then click the blue "Next" button at the bottom-right.

  • Next, on the Customization tab, choose the Chat settings that you want, and then click the blue "Next" button at the bottom-right.

  • Finally, choose the privacy of your stream. Enter in the date and time of your live broadcast, and then click the blue "DONE" button at the bottom-right.

    • You’ll now be taken to the control window for your stream, where you can verify the date and time of the broadcast, as well as the privacy settings. Below, you’ll see the stream settings tab.

  • Under "Additional Settings", toggle on "Enable Auto-Start" and "Enable Auto-Stop" to give Switcher permission to start and stop the broadcast.

Note: If you receive an error message about a duplicate stream key, click Reset to get a new stream key.

Entering the Stream Key and URL in the Switcher Dashboard

Entering the Stream Key and URL into the Switcher Studio Dashboard will allow the Switcher Studio app access to your YouTube account. These settings will be saved on the dashboard and accessible in the Switcher Studio app on your iOS device.

  • In a new tab, go to the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Click Platforms in the left sidebar.

  • Click Set Up RTMP next to the Custom RTMP heading.

  • Enter the Channel Nickname (i.e. Tim's YouTube RTMP).

  • Open to the YouTube tab with your stream details.

  • Click Copy next to Stream URL in the Stream Settings tab.

  • Go to back to the Switcher Studio Dashboard tab.

  • Paste the Stream URL into the Server URL field.

  • Open the YouTube tab with your stream details.

  • Click Copy next to Stream key in the Stream Settings tab.

  • Go to back to the Switcher Studio Dashboard tab.

  • Paste the Stream Key into the Stream Key field.

  • Adjust the Broadcasting Options as desired.

  • Click Save in the bottom-left corner.

Starting the YouTube Custom RTMP Livestream

Now that the Custom RTMP information has been saved to Switcher Studio, it can be accessed on your switching device. When you are ready to begin your production, follow the steps below.

To start the Youtube Custom RTMP stream:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on the main switcher (iPad, iPhone).

  • Tap Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Tap the Outputs tab. (box with arrow icon)

  • Tap Custom RTMP in the Broadcasting section.

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Custom RTMP.

  • Tap the YouTube RTMP channel that you created. (i.e. Tim's YouTube RTMP)

    • A blue checkmark will appear next to the channel name.

  • Click Done in the top-left corner.

  • Click the record button in the top-right corner when you are ready to go live.

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