LinkedIn Events lets you host virtual public and private events on LinkedIn. You can host an Event using your individual LinkedIn profile or a LinkedIn Page, and
registered attendees can watch and participant on the Event page. Switcher Studio customers who have been approved by LinkedIn to broadcast live video, can stream to public LinkedIn Events.

Note: Only Event organizers can go live to an Event. Please be sure the organizer has been approved to use LinkedIn Live, and has connected their LinkedIn account to Switcher Studio.

There are three main steps to streaming to a LinkedIn Event from Switcher Studio:

  1. Set up the Event on LinkedIn

  2. Set up the stream in Switcher Studio

  3. Initiate the broadcast in Switcher Studio

Step 1: Setting up the Event on LinkedIn

Follow LinkedIn's instructions to create an Event from your profile or Page. Be sure to select the following options:

  • Next to the question Is this an online event?, slide the toggle to Yes.

  • Under Visibility select Public event.

After you have created the Event, copy the URL of the LinkedIn Event page.

Step 2: Setting up the Stream in Switcher Studio

You'll set up the stream using the online Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • From the Dashboard homepage, click LinkedIn Live.

  • Connect your LinkedIn account to Switcher Studio if you haven't already done so.

  • Next to LinkedIn Event, click the toggle so that it turns orange.

  • Paste the Event page URL into the box that says URL to your LinkedIn Event.

  • Add a Title if desired. The Title will make it easier to find in Switcher Studio.

  • Select the Region closest to your streaming location.

  • Select a Stream Quality based on the strength of your Wi-Fi. Remember that streaming in HD requires an extremely robust Internet connection.

  • Click Create Livestream.

  • You'll receive a message at the top of the screen that confirms the stream has been synced with Switcher Studio.

Step 3: Initiating the Broadcast in Switcher Studio

  • Open the Switcher Studio mobile app on your main switching device and tap Use as Switcher.

  • If you are connecting multiple devices, open Switcher Studio on each of them and tap Share this Device.

  • From your main switching device, tap the Outputs tab (this should be the default screen).

  • Tap LinkedIn Live, which should include the title of the Event stream you created in the Dashboard. Once tapped, a blue check mark will appear, confirming the streaming destination.

  • To go live to the Event, tab the big red button in the top-right corner of Switcher.

  • Your video will broadcast to the LinkedIn Event page.

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