Workspace Options for Plus Plan Customers

When you're on the Switcher Studio Plus Plan, you will belong to multiple Workspaces. Workspaces are the equivalent to Switcher Studio accounts. At a minimum, you will belong to:

  1. A Team Workspace

  2. Your Personal Workspace

Team Workspace: The Team Workspace is what you'll use with your organization's Plus Plan. If you are using Switcher Studio on behalf of your team, you will need to be sure you've selected the Team Workspace. Most users will want to select this option.

Personal Workspace: The only time you will select your Personal Workspace is if you have a paid individual subscription to Switcher Studio that's not tied to your team. If you try to use the Personal Workspace without an individual paid subscription (i.e. not the Plus Plan), you will receive an "Expired Account" message inside the Switcher app.

Selecting a Workspace on a Mac or PC

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  2. You will be prompted to select a Workspace every time you log into the Dashboard, as shown below.

  3. To change your Workspace from anywhere else in the Dashboard, click your profile in the top right and select "Change Workspace."

Selecting a Workspace on Mobile

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  2. Tap the menu icon in the top right to reveal a dropdown menu. Click Workspace Selection.

  3. Choose the workspace you want. (Remember, to use the Plus plan, you need to choose the team workspace.)

What to Do if You Receive an Expired Account Message

If you log into the Switcher Studio app and see a message about an Expired Account, it means you're logged into your Personal Workspace. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this issue:

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