Switcher Studio has a native integration with LinkedIn that makes it easy to stream to the platform. Before you can stream to LinkedIn, you'll need to connect your LinkedIn account to Switcher Studio. This gives Switcher permission to broadcast to your LinkedIn account and is usually a one-time process.

Note: Individuals can stream to a personal LinkedIn account (i.e. People page) or an organization's LinkedIn account (i.e. Company page). 

Connecting your LinkedIn account

Step-by-step instructions with screenshots

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.
  2. Tap the Outputs tab (this should be the default screen).
  3. Tap LinkedIn Live. If you do not see LinkedIn Live as an option, tap the blue "+" sign beside the word Outputs and then tap LinkedIn on the list of platforms.
  4. Tap either Stream to Your Personal Page or Stream to an Organization Page.
  5. Enter your LinkedIn login credentials. 
  6. Tap Sign in.
  7. If you are not going to stream to LinkedIn Live immediately, tap Close
  8. If you are going live immediately, proceed with setting up the stream and initiating the broadcast to LinkedIn Live. Check out the article "Setting up a Livestream on LinkedIn Live" for additional instructions.

Note: If you are using Safari on an iPhone, the Safari app will share your social login information with the Switcher Studio app. That means that when you want to link Switcher Studio to your LinkedIn account, you will not need to enter a username and password to connect if you’re already logged into that website on Safari.

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