Switcher Studio is not built to run on a Mac or PC and can only be installed on iOS devices. You can see the list of compatible iOS devices here: Compatible Devices

Although Macs and PCs can't run Switcher Studio, they can be used as sources for screensharing into a video. With screensharing, you can display slides, websites, and anything else you can pull up on your computer screen. 

There are two ways to screenshare inside Switcher Studio:

  1. Using our screensharing software program Switcher Cast

  2. Using Video Chat

For more detailed information on using Switcher Cast to screenshare, check out the article in our Help Center: Screensharing a Mac or PC

Switcher Cast cannot be installed onto Chromebooks. In order to screen share with a Chromebook, you will need to use our Video Chat screensharing method.

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