Director Mode can be used to capture HD video from all angles and automatically composite each angle into one video file with every media asset, effect, and transition that you made during your production.

Director Mode is great for offline productions that you want to record. It is also a good way to ensure a high quality video for On-Demand viewing when shooting video and streaming live at locations with limited bandwidth. Using Director Mode, you can send out a lower-quality live video stream and capture full HD quality video from each device to composite later.

Note: You cannot use the built-in camera on the device you're using as the main switching device while in Director Mode. Additionally, footage recorded with 2-way video chat will not be available for the final composition.

Director Mode requires a high capacity iPad as the primary mixing device. There must be enough storage on the primary mixing device to store video from each angle when building the composition.

Director mode also integrates with Switcher Studio Media Manager for Mac, which allows you to send your final composition with all angles to your computer and export to Final Cut Pro X to make edits in post-production.

Enabling Director Mode & Setting the Composition Format

  1. Go to the Outputs / Destinations tab on your main switching device, and toggle Director Mode to the on position.

  2. A dialogue box will appear informing you that the built-in camera will be disabled in favour of the high-quality recordings. Select Continue to move forward or Cancel to go back.

  3. Once enabled, a yellow “Director” icon will appear on the screen to indicate that the feature is active.

  4. Now, go to the Advanced Settings section in the Outputs tab.

  5. Tap on Composition Format.

  6. Select whether you want your final composition to be in 720p, 1080p, or 4K formatting.

Once you've enabled Director Mode, continue with your production either as a livestream or recording.

Compiling Footage and Assets for the Final Composition

Once the event has ended, you will need to compile the clips. Depending on how long your event goes, this can take some time since the compilation will happen over WiFi. A method to speed this up is to use your computer to compile your files onto your main switching device, rather than WiFi.

Please note that you do not need to compile the video immediately. You can reconnect all of your devices and create the composition later.

  1. Make sure all of your devices are on the same network, and ensure that the remote cameras have been enabled in the Inputs tab of the main switcher. Devices should have a check mark next to them to show that they are connected.

  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of your main switching device.

  3. Tap Recorded Media.

  4. Select the video file you want to use for the composition.

  5. The different angles from each device will be listed in the journal file, and these will start transferring to the main device via Wi-Fi. Please make sure that you have enough storage on your main device to in order to store the videos from all of the angles.

  6. A progress bar next to each angle will indicate when the transfer is complete.

  7. When the files finish transferring to the main mixing device, Switcher Studio will automatically begin building the composition as a new part of the journal file.

  8. Once the composition is complete, tap the composition to view your recording.

  9. You can now save your final composition in the same way that you would save any other video file.

Note: If you get the message “Missing (Please Connect Device)", then not all of your devices are connected. Go back, connect your devices, and return to the file in the Recorded Media.

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