Switcher Studio supports the following camera lenses on iOS devices:

  • Wide lens (1x): normal camera lens

  • Selfie: rear-facing lens

  • Ultra Wide lens (0.5x)

  • Telephoto lens (2x)

Note: The Ultra Wide and Telephoto lens options will only appear if they are available on the selected device. Older iPhones do not have them.

Selecting a Camera Lens

Switcher Studio lets you choose from the available camera lenses for your camera views. Currently, you can only record / broadcast from one lens per device at a time. However, you can change the lens selection at any time.

Here's how to select the camera lens for a camera view:

  1. From the Sources / Production panel, tap the camera view you want to change.

  2. Tap the blue camera icon above your sources and assets.

  3. A menu will appear above the camera showing the available lenses.

  4. Tap the camera lens you want to use.

Note: If you switch camera lenses while "Record On All Cameras" is enabled, Switcher Studio will temporarily stop capturing video for the camera you are reorienting and start a new video file.

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