There are two ways to view and manage your cameras from within Switcher Studio:

  • Sources / Production panel without a Preview Window (default)

  • Sources / Production panel with a Preview Window (shown below)

You can customize your view to use the approach that works best for you.

Sources / Production panel without a Preview Window (Default)

The default view in Switcher Studio shows the Sources / Production panel without a Preview Window. It looks like this:

When you tap a camera from the Sources / Production panel, it is immediately displayed in the Live window.

Sources / Production panel with a Preview Window

The Preview Window can be used to have more control over what your audience will see before they see it. It allows you to set up and preview the shot, prior to moving it to the Live View. Using the Preview Window also allows you to quickly move between two camera sources, which is especially useful if you have two primary camera views.

Opening the Preview Window

  • Tap the 4-box icon in the bottom-left corner to open the Preview Window.

The Preview Window will appear in the upper left and the Sources/Production panel will be below it.

Note: To close the Preview Window, simply tap the 4-box icon again.

Using the Preview Window

  • When you tap on a camera, it will go to the Preview Window first.

  • You can adjust the zoom, depth-of-field, color correction, and more without the audience ever seeing the adjustments.

  • When you are satisfied, tap Preview -> Live to send the source from the Preview Window to the Live Window.

  • Your audience will see the source once it is in the Live Window.

Note: By default, asset overlays, like lower thirds and logos, are not applied to the Preview window. They immediately appear on the Live window. You can change that setting when creating/editing individual assets. You'll want to check the option to "Apply on Preview."

Using Camera Swap with the Preview Window

When you open the Preview Window, you'll see an icon with two oppositely-facing arrows on the right side of the Sources menu. This is the Camera Swap option, which allows you to quickly toggle between two sources. To use Camera Swap:

  • Tap a camera source and move it to the Live window using the Preview -> Live option, described above.

  • Tap another camera source to move it to the Preview window.

  • Tap the Camera Swap option. It will turn blue once it's enabled.

  • Tap Preview -> Live. The source from Preview will move to the Live Window as usual, but now the image from the Live Window will swap back to the Preview Window.

  • Keep tapping on Preview -> Live to quickly toggle back-and-forth between the two sources.

Camera Swap Video Tutorial

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