There are two ways to view your cameras and assets from within Switcher Studio: the Sources Window and the Preview Window. You can customize your layout between these two views to create the layout that works best for you!

Your default view is the Sources Window without a Preview Window. It looks like this:

Your cameras appear at the very top of the Sources Window. They appear in the order of connection and are numbered. You can see a "1" and a "2" at the top-right corner of each camera source below:

Cameras cannot be reordered; they only appear in the order of initial connection. However, your photo and video assets can be reordered. Do a long-hold with your finger on any asset, and a window will open. Select "Reorder", and then drag your assets where you'd like them to go.

The Preview Window can be opened to give you fine-tune control over what your audience sees before they see it. Tap on the 4-box icon in the bottom-left corner to open the Preview Window:

The Sources Window now shows at the bottom-left quadrant, while the Preview Window shows at the top-left quadrant.

When you tap on a source, it will go to the Preview Window first. You can adjust the zoom, depth-of-field, colour correction, and more without the audience ever seeing the changes being made.

When you are satisfied, tap Preview -> Live to send the source from the Preview Window to the Live Window. Your audience will see the source once it is in the Live Window.

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