One of the easiest ways to add a professional touch to your live videos is by using text graphics, including Titles, Lower Thirds, and Broadcast Notifications. Switcher Studio's built-in templates make it easy to create your own branded version of these asset types.

While there are several ways to customize these graphics, the process to create them is essentially the same.

Creating Text Graphics from Templates

Accessing templates

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.
  2. Tap the blue "+"  button, which is located at the bottom of the Sources / Production panel. 
  3. Tap Text & Graphics.
  4. Tap the asset type you want to create (e.g. Titles, Lower Thirds, etc).
  5. Scroll through the list to see the available templates.
  6. Tap a template to begin customizing it.

Customizing templates

The options to customize a template will vary depending on the asset type and the template you have selected. Here are some of the most common options: 

  • Text: tap the text under the template preview window. Delete the pre-populated text and type in the next text. Use Enter on your keyboard to add multiple lines of text. Some templates have built-in Title and Subtitle options.
  • Text size: Most templates include a slider to adjust the text size. Slide to the right to make the text bigger and to the left to make it smaller.
  • Graphic size: Some assets allow you to adjust the size of the graphic itself. To make it bigger, pinch out on the graphic. To make it smaller, pinch in on the graphic.
  • On-screen location: For assets that aren't full-screen, you can adjust the on-screen position by tapping and holding the text, then sliding it to your desired location.
  • Stay on top: When you enable this option, the asset will always appear on top of anything occupying the same space on the screen, ensuring the asset is always visible.

Once you're happy with the customization, tap Done in the top right corner. Your new text graphic will appear in the Sources / Production panel. 

Using Text Graphics during your Production

To display a text graphic during your production, simply tap the asset in the Source / Production panel. 

If it is not a full-screen asset, the graphic will appear on top of what is already on screen. To remove it, tap the text asset in the Sources panel again. 

If the text graphic is full-screen, it will replace whatever is on screen. To move on from a full-screen asset, tap a camera view or another full-screen asset.

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