How to Use a UVC Camera in Switcher With USB-C Equipped iPads

Switcher now supports the use of UVC cameras on iPads with USB-C ports. This means that when using a USB-C-equipped iPad running iOS 17 or later, you can bring in USB webcams, capture cards, and other UVC devices. This release follows iOS 17's supported utilization of UVC sources.

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  • iPad with USB-C charging port
  • iPadOS17 or later
  • Switcher app version 10.0 or later
  • UVC Device: Camera, Webcam, Capture Card
  • USB cable


  • Only one UVC device can be used as an input per iPad. If you have multiple iPads and UVC devices, you can connect the UVC devices to other iPads to use as remote camera angles.
  • When a UVC device is plugged into an iPad running Switcher, the UVC device will override the iPad's built-in camera.

How to Connect a UVC Camera to Switcher

This walkthrough guides you through connecting a UVC device using a USB-C-equipped iPad as the main Switcher.

  • Open the Switcher App on the iPad.
  • Tap New Livestream.
  • Select Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Tap Enter Studio.
  • Connect the UVC device to the iPad using a USB cable.
  • Open the Inputs tab. (camera icon)
  • Tap the UVC device in the list of available devices.
  • The UVC device will now appear as a camera angle in the Sources section.

Audio Capture With UVC Devices

If your UVC source is equipped with audio capture, you can utilize it as the audio source once it has been connected to the USB-C iPad. The last device plugged into the iPad running Switcher will be the audio source.

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