Understanding The Completion Panel

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Understanding The Completion Panel

After completing a live video, the video will process in the Completion Panel. The Completion Panel opens up automatically, and the percentage wheel shows how much of your video is left to process. Shorter videos tend to process quickly, while lengthy videos (or videos created with a poor Internet connection) can take several minutes to complete.

Once your video has processed, the wheel will turn green. DO NOT tap the "Cancel" button. Cancelling the archival process means that your full video will not be saved onto your streaming platform(s). In other words, it means that the video will cut off when a viewer watches it.

The window will automatically announce that Your video is ready! It will confirm where the video is now located and give you the option to finalize the video. Tap on the orange "FINALIZE VIDEO" button.

Customizing Your Video Details

Now, you can edit the details of the video. By default, the title is the date and time that the recording was created. Update this to a memorable title, a relevant description, and select a thumbnail, if desired.

You can also choose to assign this video to any of your Switcher Players or categories, or to add Interactive Links.

When you're done, tap on the orange "SAVE" button at the bottom of the screen.

Your video is now displayed in your Local Recordings (and your Video Library, if selected).

Sharing Your Video

Sharing your video and viewing its stats is easy at this point. Locate your video in your Local Recordings or your Video Library, and tap on it to enlarge it. Tap on the grey "Share Link" button to quickly share out the video.

You can also view the video's Analytics, including views via Switcher's server, if the video is being used in a Switcher Player or for Gated Content, what Interactive Links are included, and the file data for the video.

Word Of Warning

Cancelling the archive process means that your full video will not be saved onto the streaming platform. This means the archived video will cut off when a viewer tries to watch it๐Ÿ˜”

There is no way to undo the cancellation of a processing video.

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