Camera Disconnects During Production

Sometimes a camera may lose its connection to the main switcher during a live production. The disconnect may occur due to a drop in Wi-Fi, an incoming phone call, a device's battery running low, etc.

If a camera is disconnected, you can quickly recover the camera without interrupting the stream or recording.

Step-by-step instructions for recovering a disconnected camera

  1. Completely close the Switcher Studio app on the device that was disconnected.

  2. Re-launch the app. 

  3. Choose Share This Device.

  4. Choose Share This Camera or Share This Screen.

  5. Open the Inputs tab on your main switching device.

  6. Tap the device to re-synchronize and add it to your production.

If you have the option Record On All Cameras enabled, a new video clip will begin once the camera is synced.

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