Selecting Lenses in Switcher Studio

One of the many benefits of the Switcher Studio app being on iOS is that it can make use of the multiple lenses and cameras that are available on iOS devices. Utilizing different lenses can add extra value to your production and create a unique experience for viewers. This article covers the available lenses and how to choose between them in the Switcher Studio app.

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Available Lenses

Switcher Studio supports the following camera lenses on iOS devices:

  • Wide (1x)

  • Selfie (x0.7)

  • Selfie (x1)

  • Ultra-Wide (0.5x)

  • Telephoto (2x, or 3x on iPhone 13 and later)

Note: Currently, Switcher Studio does not support Cinematic Mode. Additionally, the Ultra Wide and Telephoto lens options will only appear if they are available on the selected device.

Selecting & Changing Camera Lenses

Switcher Studio lets you choose from the available camera lenses for your camera views. You can only record or broadcast from one lens per device at a time. However, you can change the lens selection at any time.

To change the camera lens for a camera view:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app

  • Tap the camera you want to change in the Sources panel.

  • Tap the blue camera icon in the top-center.

    • A menu will appear displaying the available lenses.

  • Tap the camera lens you want to use.

Note: If you switch camera lenses while "Record On All Cameras" is enabled, Switcher Studio will temporarily stop capturing video for the camera you are reorienting and start a new video file.

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