"Streaming Server Bad Response"

If you receive the error message "Streaming Server Bad Response" when trying to initiate a livestream, it means there was an issue with the streaming server of the destination. There are a few possible causes:

  • There is an error in the Custom RTMP setup (this is the most common cause)

  • The internet connection is not functional

  • The platform you are trying to stream to is having a problem

Ensuring the Custom RTMP Setup is Correct

If you are using Custom RTMP and receive this error message, you should check the Custom RTMP setup. We recommend:

  • Set up Custom RTMP in the Switcher Studio Dashboard, not the mobile app.

  • Copy and paste the Stream Key and the Server URL directly from the destination, to the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Be sure to copy and paste the Stream Key and Server URL separate from one another. Some platforms combine the two into a single URL. They should be distinct values.

Ensuring the Internet Connection is Functional

If you are experiencing an internet outage, you may receive the "Streaming Server Bad Response" error message while trying to stream with Switcher Studio. To check the internet connection on your iOS device :

  • Check to see if the Wi-Fi icon (shown below) appears at the top of the screen. If it does not appear, go to the Control Panel and tap the Wi-Fi icon to toggle it on.

the Wi-Fi icon
  • If you are not using Wi-Fi, or if you are unsure if Wi-Fi is working, open Safari and try to view a webpage.

  • Run a speed test at https://speedof.me/.

Checking the Status of the Streaming Destination

In rare instances, the "Streaming Server Bad Response" error message could mean there is a problem with the streaming destination. Many platforms provide a status page that shows if there are any known issues. Those are the most reliable sources of information, although many outages are also reported by users on third-party websites and on social media platforms.

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