Understanding the Info Panel

The Info Panel in the Switcher app is a snapshot of the device statuses required for livestreaming and recording. It provides important information such as battery life, used storage, and CPU load. The Info Panel also warns you about issues that could affect your broadcast and recommend setting adjustments.

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Information Displayed in the Info Panel

Switcher Device Only

  • Audio Input: Shows the audio input source for your production.

  • Audio Output: Shows the where audio from Switcher is being output.

  • CPU Load: How much of the CPU is being used on your device. It's normal for older iOS devices to run a bit high, at about 80% as the main device.

All Devices

  • Battery: Battery status for each iOS device being used with Switcher. If a battery is low, it will appear yellow and then red.

  • Used Storage: The amount of storage used on your devices. If your switcher device runs out of storage, your production will stop. If any of your connected devices run out of storage, they can affect the quality of your production and eventually become unavailable sources.

Connected Cameras & Screens Only

  • Source Size & Stream Size: The recording and streaming resolution.

  • Stream Type: The type of video coding being used. It should be AVC by default.

  • Packet Loss: Displays packet loss for remote cameras. Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. If Packet Loss is high, restarting your router could improve camera quality. Adjusting the Wi-Fi Communication Mode to Reinforced Wi-Fi in Switcher can also make a big difference.

  • Network Latency: Displays the latency (i.e. delay) of the remote camera on your network. High network latency can cause video quality issues. See the section on Reinforce Wi-Fi Mode for more information.

Accessing the Info Panel on an iPad

  • Open the Switcher app.

  • Tap the "i" icon in the top-left corner.

Accessing the Info Panel on an iPhone

  • Open the Switcher app.

  • Tap the the Hamburger Menu. (three horizontal lines)

  • Tap About Devices.

Enabling Reinforced Wi-Fi Mode

If there is a lot of Packet Loss, the Info Panel will display a message asking if you would like to change your Wi-Fi Communication Mode to Reinforced Wi-Fi. When you make this change, it increases the delay to 1-second the displayed video, but it gives your Wi-Fi network more time to transmit the video from your connected devices to your switcher.

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