Trimming a Video Asset

Switcher Studio's Trimmer tool lets you adjust the start and stop time of a video asset to make it shorter. You can use the Trimmer on any video asset either while importing it for the first time or by editing an asset that is already in the Sources / Production panel.

Note: Trimming a video replaces the original video asset. If you want to keep the original, full-length video asset and have a separate trimmed version, you will need to Duplicate the original asset and then Edit the new one.

Go to the Video Properties window for a video asset

Use the Trimmer tool

  • Scroll down and tap the section that says Trimmer.

  • Move the orange sliders on either end of the video timeline at the bottom of the Trimmer window to change the start and stop times.

  • As you move the trimmer sliders, you will see the From, To, and Duration fields change. These fields show the start and end time and the length of the trimmed video asset.

Preview the trimmed video asset

  • To preview the changes, tap the Play button in the lower left corner of the asset.

You can make additional trimming changes by tapping Pause or by moving the sliders again, which will stop the preview.

Save the trimmed video asset

  • Once you are satisfied with the new start and stop times, tap Done in the Trimmer window.

  • You will see the new start and stop times in the Trimmer section.

  • Make any other adjustments to customize the video asset. For example, you may want to adjust the Thumbnail based on the trimmed version. Then tap Done in the Video Properties window.

Your trimmed video asset will appear in the Sources/Production panel.

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