Using a Camera Source as an Overlay

By default, live cameras are shown as full-screen in Switcher Studio. However, you can easily turn any camera into an overlay, which allows you to show the full camera feed on top of other backgrounds like full-screen images, other camera angles, shared screens, and prerecorded video assets.

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Video Tutorial: Using as Camera Source as an Overlay

Turning a Camera Into an Overlay

To use the overlay option on a camera source:

  • Tap and hold the camera source under the Sources panel.

  • Tap Edit.

    • The Camera Properties window will appear.

  • Tap Overlay.

    • The screen preview will become smaller, and additional options will appear.

To adjust the size and position of the camera overlay:

  • Resize the overlay by pinching in (to make smaller) and out (to make bigger).

  • Tap and drag the screen to move it to the desired location.

  • You can also use the Vertical and Horizontal alignment options for easier positioning.

  • Adjust any of the other settings as desired.

  • Tap Done in the top right corner when you are happy with the appearance.

Using a Camera Overlay During the Production

  • To use a camera overlay during the production, simply tap the screen thumbnail in the Sources/Production Panel.

  • It will appear on top of the live source or full-screen asset.

  • Tap the thumbnail again to remove it.

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