Sharing a Clip to TikTok

The Clips feature in Switcher Studio makes it easy to repurpose parts of your video recordings for sharing on other short-form video platforms like TikTok.

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Creating a Clip

You can create a clip immediately after recording a video, or you can go back to a previous recording and create a clip. For either scenario, follow the instructions in the article Creating a Video Clip.

A few of the most commonly used Clip settings include:

  • Adjusting the start/end time of the video to create the clip.

  • Adjusting the playback speed.

  • Removing the audio from the clip.

  • Adjusting the aspect ratio - if your video recording is horizontal, you can use Clips > Format to change the aspect ratio to 9:16.

Note: Be sure to check the duration limit on TikTok. If the clip is longer than the allowable length, you will not be able to post it.

Exporting a Clip

Step 1: Access the Clip

  • Tap Video Library.

  • Tap My Recordings.

  • Tap the recording with the clip you want to view.

  • Tap Clips in the lower left-hand corner.

  • Tap the name of the clip you want to view.

Posting the Clip to TikTok

  • Tap the share icon in the bottom right corner.

  • Tap Share to TikTok.

    • This will load the TikTok app on your device with the video. From here you can add any additional effects or audio before posting.

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