Storage Requirements for Livestreaming & Recording

Livestreaming and recording time is limited by the device's battery life and available storage. If you run out of storage space while livestreaming or recording, it will stop your stream and corrupt the recording. For this reason, it is important to always check the storage on the devices prior to the production start time.

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Storage Requirements

Ensure your device has at minimum 1GB of storage free before livestreaming. One hour of video translates to roughly 1GB for 720p recording, and 2.5GB for 1080p recording. For information on how to manage device storage, check out the Managing Device Storage article.

Checking Storage Usage in the Switcher Studio App

You can see the available storage on any of the devices running Switcher Studio in your Switcher Studio production by looking at the Info Panel on the main switcher device.

To check device storage:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app.

  • Tap the info panel icon (i) in the top-left corner.

    • The bar next to Used Storage will display the amount of storage in use.

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