How to Delete Your Switcher Studio Account & Data

When deleting an account, your Switcher Cloud assets, saved platform connections, past livestream links, and Cloud Recordings will be deleted as well. You have seven days after deleting your account to cancel the deletion before your account is permanently removed.

Note: Deleting your account removes your account information from our database, but it does not cancel your subscription. For information on how to cancel a subscription, check out the How to Cancel a Subscription Purchased from the Switcher Website or How to Cancel a Subscription Purchased Within the Switcher App

To delete your Switcher Studio account:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app.

  • Log in with your account credentials.

  • Tap Profile

  • Tap My Account.

  • Tap Delete Account.

    • A notification of deletion terms will appear.

  • Tap Continue.

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