Beginning with Switcher Studio version 6.0, the app includes countdown timers designed for running promotions during a live shopping stream.

Currently there are several built-in timers that can be used in black or white:

  • 1-minute timer

  • 3-minute timer

  • 5-minute timer

  • 10-minute timer

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Accessing Countdown Timers

To access the built-in countdown timers:

  • Tap the blue + button at the bottom of the Sources panel.

  • Tap Card.

  • Tap Live Selling Samples.

  • The countdown timers will appear at the bottom of the list.

  • Tap the timer option you want to use.

  • The Video Properties window will appear.

Adjusting the Size and Position of a Countdown Timer

To customize the size and/or position of the timer:

  • Tap the far-right option next to Framing to select the Custom Position option.

  • To resize the timer, pinch in or out on graphic in the preview.

  • To move the position of the timer, drag the image to the desired location.

  • Tap Done in the top right to save the change.

Changing the Amount of Time on a Countdown Timer

When you choose one of the built-in timer options, the duration is the maximum amount of time. All timers can be adjusted to be shorter in the Video Properties window. For example, if you choose the 5-minute timer, you can set the countdown to five minutes or less.

To shorten the time:

  • Tap Thumbnail Selection.

  • Use the slider to adjust the start time.

  • Tap Done in the top right to save the change.

Using Countdown Timers during a Live Shopping Stream

After you have customized a Countdown Timer, it will appear in the Sources panel. You can use a timer as an overlay on top of the following:

  • Full-screen camera angle

  • Live Selling Card

  • Pre-recorded video

  • Full-screen image

  • Multiview

To use the timer during your livestream:

  • Tap the countdown timer.

  • It will appear as an overlay and immediately start counting down.

  • To remove the timer, simply tap it again in the Sources panel.

Note: Countdown timers do not automatically disappear when they reach 0:00.

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