Enabling Automatic Captioning on LinkedIn

Adding captions to your livestream could make it easier for your audience to follow along with your content. Switcher Studio has a feature that allows you to add captions to your LinkedIn Live video automatically. This feature only currently works for English audio content. You can enable the feature as follows:

  1. Select LinkedIn as the output destination of either your scheduled or current stream.

  2. Below the Region dropdown, there is a switch labeled Enable Auto Captioning (English).

  3. Toggle the switch to the on position (it will be orange).

That's it! There are some items to note for LinkedIn Live Auto Captions:

  • Auto Captions must be enabled BEFORE the broadcast in order to show up on LinkedIn.

  • Captions can be REMOVED from LinkedIn videos after the broadcast is published, but cannot be ADDED after the broadcast has started.

  • Captions are generated by LinkedIn and not by Switcher Studio.

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