If you receive the error message, "Security error: bad record message authentication code (MAC)," while trying to livestream, it means a secure connection could not be established. There are a few possible causes:

  • Incorrect date/time: If the date and/or time on your device isn't set properly, it can cause this error. Allowing your device to auto-detect the time for your area should prevent this from happening.

  • Third-party adapter: If you are using a third-party ethernet-to-lightning adapter, it could trigger the error. Try testing without the adapter to see if you still receive the error message.

  • Secure packet inspection: If you are using a public Wi-Fi network, it could have secure packet inspection. This means the network provider is injecting themselves between you and the destination server, which will cause security errors.

  • Known Facebook bug: If you have confirmed none of the above apply to your setup, and you regularly receive this message while streaming to Facebook, you may be affected by a known Facebook bug. Our Engineering team has reported the bug to Facebook and is monitoring the progress. In the meantime, we have introduced a setting called Insecure RTMPS that may reduce or eliminate the error. For information about using this option, which is still in beta, please message the Switcher Studio customer support team using the messenger widget in the iOS app or Switcher Studio Dashboard.

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