Video Chat Time

Monthly time allotment

The amount of Video Chat time varies by plan:

  • 7-day Pass: 120 hours
  • Essentials: 120 hours/month
  • Standard: Unlimited
  • Plus: Unlimited

You can see how much time you've used and how much time is available on your account by logging into your online Switcher Studio Dashboard and going to the Video Chat tab.

Session time limit

Independent of the monthly Video Chat allotment, there is a time limit on how long you can use Video Chat per session.

  • Each participant can only be in the room for 4 hours at a time. That limit applies to the switcher (i.e. the person initiating the Video Chat room) as well as guests.

If you plan on using Video Chat for more than four hours at a time, you will need to leave / re-join the Video Chat room and start a new four-hour window. This is a limitation imposed by our provider and not something we can control.

Video Chat Guest Allotment

The number of concurrent guests you can bring into a single session with Video Chat depends on your plan:

  • 7-day Pass: 1 guest
  • Essentials: 1 guest
  • Standard: 2 guests
  • Plus: 5 guests

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add additional guests to your plan. If you need more concurrent guests than is included with your plan, the only option is to upgrade to the next subscription level. The guest limit is based on optimizing the experience, based on the underlying technology used to power Video Chat for each plan.

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