Please visit this article for a full tutorial on setting up Switcher Video Chat.

My guest cannot see my video.

  • Have the guest disconnect and reconnect to the video chat room. Some devices will take around 10 seconds for the video to show up.
  • Make sure your guest allows Switcher Video Chat access to the device’s camera and microphone when they open the video chat link. Check the browser’s security settings and enable access from there if it is disabled.
  • When connecting to the video chat, disable “remote camera mode.”
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the video chat from the main device running Switcher.

I hear an echo in my audio.

  • Try disabling audio monitoring from the Audio Tab.
  • If you have an audio mixer connected to Switcher Studio make sure Mix-Minus is enabled on the mixer.
  • If you are hosting video chat from the Switcher Studio Dashboard, the audio is coming through twice for you. Once from the video chat, and once through Switcher Studio. Mute either the main Switcher audio or your channel in the video chat tab. Your guest(s) and audience will still hear you.

My guest’s video is a black screen in Switcher Studio.

  • Make sure they are not using a Huawei phone to connect to the video chat. An issue with these devices makes the video not show up in the video chat.
  • Have your guest disconnect and reconnect the room.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to the video chat from the main device running Switcher.

Can I send the Video Chat Link out in advance?

Yes. The video chat link will not change even if you close out of Switcher Studio. You can update and change the video chat link by logging into the Switcher Studio Dashboard and clicking Video Chat located on the left hand side of your screen. From here you can copy the video chat link to send out, or click the refresh icon to create a new link to send out.

The video chat recording is black in Switcher Studio.

Disable director mode. Since we cannot trigger a remote recording and transfer the files from the remote guest’s devices we cannot use Switcher Video Chat in Director Mode.

What is Mute Guests’ Audio by Default?

On the video chat tab, there is an option to “Mute Guests’ Audio by Default”. This is turned off when you first open Switcher. This means when a guest joins the call, the audio will be heard by your viewers immediately.

If you want to keep your guests’ audio muted when they first join, enable the toggle for “Mute Guests’ Audio by Default”.

When the guest joins, you will see their name pop up in the list of guests. The blue mute icon will be active showing that they are muted. Tap on the mute icon next to their name to unmute his/ her audio.

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