The Plan plan includes 3 user seats, but you can add additional users to your account when you first subscribe, or at any time while your subscription is active.

Adding more users when first subscribing

When purchasing the Plus Plan, you will have the option to increase the total number of user seats you want on the account. Use the "+" button to increase the total users.

Once you have activated your subscription, you will be able to invite the number of users you selected at sign up. If you try to invite more users than you selected when subscribing, you will receive an error message letting you know you have no available user seats.

Adding more users to an active subscription

If you have an active Plus plan subscription, you will need to purchase a new Plus plan, effectively upgrading your subscription for the total number of users you need. For example, if you have 3 users and need to add 2 more, you will purchase a new Plus plan for 5 users. To purchase the new subscription:

  • Go to the Billing page of your Switcher Studio Dashboard:

  • Under Active Subscriptions, select Change Plan.

  • Use the toggle at the top to select between Monthly and Annual billing.

  • Click Choose.

  • Use the "+" button to increase the total number of users.You will see the prorated amount due to make the change.

  • Click Subscribe.

Your subscription renewal date will become the date of the plan change, and you will pay a prorated amount based on the time remaining on your previous billing cycle. You will pay the full amount on your next renewal date.

Once you have added more users, you can go to the My Team section of the Dashboard to invite new users. Check out this Help Center article for step-by-step instructions: Inviting Users to Your Plus Plan Team

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