By default, Switcher Studio keeps a recorded version of your livestream and stores all the recorded video files in the app. You may want to delete these files to free up storage. Please be sure you absolutely do not need the files, as deleting them is permanent.

Accessing Video Recordings in the Mobile App

There are two ways to access the video files you've created with Switcher Studio, which are called My Recordings:

Option 1: Tap the hamburger menu on the mobile app sign-in screen.

Option 2: Tap the shortcut (folder icon) on the mobile app launch screen.

Note: You must be logged into the app to access the shortcut.

Deleting Video Recordings from Switcher Studio

  1. Go to My Recordings in the mobile app using one of the methods listed above.

  2. Tap Select in the top right corner.

  3. Tap the circles next to the video(s) you want to delete.

  4. Tap the trash icon.

  5. Tap Remove the recording.

Note: Videos cannot be recovered once deleted. We recommend using the Copy option and then manually deleting the file from Switcher Studio after verifying the copy is successfully transferred.

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