If you no longer need an asset and want to delete it from the Switcher Studio app, you can easily remove it. You can either delete an individual asset, or you can select multiple assets to delete them all at once in a batch.

Note: If an asset is stored in Switcher Cloud, deleting it from the app does not delete it from Switcher Cloud.

Deleting Assets from the Switcher Studio App

Deleting an Individual Asset

  1. Tap and hold the asset thumbnail in the Sources / Production panel.

  2. A menu will appear with several options.

  3. Tap Remove to delete the asset.

Deleting Multiple Assets All at Once

  1. Tap Select in the lower right corner of the Sources / Production panel.

  2. Tap the asset thumbnails you want to delete.

  3. You will see a blue check mark on the assets you have selected.

  4. Tap the trash icon in the lower left corner.

Deleting Imported Videos and Images From Your Device

Deleting video and image assets from the Switcher Studio app will not permanently remove them from the internal storage on your device. In order to delete imported assets from your device, you'll need to use the Files app.

  1. Open the Files application on your device.

  2. Under Locations go to On My Phone or On my iPad

  3. Open the Switcher folder.

  4. Select and delete the files you no longer need.

Deleting Assets from Switcher Cloud

You can find step-by-step instructions on removing assets stored in Switcher Cloud, in the Help Center article Switcher Cloud.

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