Facebook Premiere is an option on Facebook that lets you schedule and then debut pre-recorded videos as Live moments on your Facebook Page. During the broadcast, viewers can Like, Share and comment in real time. After your broadcast is complete, the video will be saved on your Page and viewable later.

Using Premiere is a good option if you're uneasy about going live or if you've had broadcasting interruptions while livestreaming. Facebook Premiere can be especially valuable if you normally stream during peak times when there is a higher chance of network or platform issues. 

Here are the basic Facebook Premiere requirements:

  • Limited to Facebook Pages.

  • Videos must be at least 30 seconds long.

  • MP4 is the suggested video format.

  • The maximum file size for a Premiere is 10GB.

  • Previously premiered videos on Facebook cannot be premiered again.

  • Previously uploaded videos on Facebook cannot be premiered.

If you plan to use Switcher Studio with Facebook Premiere, there are three main steps:

  1. Record the video in Switcher Studio

  2. Export the video out of Switcher Studio

  3. Upload the video to Facebook & schedule the Premiere

Recording a Video in Switcher Studio

To record a video without livestreaming:

  1. Go to the Outputs / Destinations tab and tap None.

  2. Tap the big red button in the top right to start recording.

Exporting a Video from Switcher Studio

After you have finished recording your video, the next step will be to export the video from Switcher Studio. How you export the video will depend on what device you want to use to upload the video to Facebook. You can export the video to the device used to create it (iPhone or iPad), or you can export the video to a computer. This article provides step-by-step instructions for all the options: Accessing & Exporting Videos Created With Switcher Studio

Uploading a Video to Facebook & Scheduling the Premiere

Uploading your video and setting it up using Facebook Premiere is a process you will do entirely through Facebook. When you upload your video from a Page, you'll have the option under Publishing Options to select the Premiere feature and set the date/time of the broadcast. This article from Facebook provides step-by-step instructions: https://www.facebook.com/help/publisher/580544922399103

Note: We recommend uploading and scheduling a Premiere well in advance of the broadcast start time. At a minimum, Facebook requires that Premieres are scheduled at least 10 minutes in advance.

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