Before starting a stream to Facebook, it’s important to run a speed test to determine what stream quality you should set for your event. Internet speeds can vary depending on a lot of factors, and it’s important to test your speed even if you think your internet is fast enough for the stream quality you’d like to select. Running the speed test will help ensure you do not broadcast at a higher quality than your network can handle. 

Running a Speed Test When Setting up a Facebook Stream

You can run the speed test for your Facebook stream in the Switcher Studio mobile app or the Switcher Studio online Dashboard. We recommend running the speed test every time you create a streaming event. It's also important to run the test under the same conditions that will exist when you are streaming. 

Step-by-step instructions using the Switcher Studio Dashboard

To run the speed test, first create a new streaming event for Facebook.

Once you have entered in your event information, click the green Test Speed button. 

Once you click Test Speed, the screen will show that the test is running. The speed test will automatically test the download and upload speed on your network. 

When the speed test has completed, it will display your upload speed and download speed as well as the recommended stream quality based on the results. The stream quality will automatically change to the recommended setting. 

Once you’ve completed the speed test, you can run the test again by clicking the green Test Again button. You can also manually change the stream quality after you’ve run the test.

Note: The setting selected by the speed test is the highest stream quality that your network will support. By manually selecting a higher stream quality, you may compromise the quality of your stream.

Limitations on Scheduled Facebook Streams

If you are scheduling streams to Facebook, the speed test cannot be run on a previously scheduled stream. You can run the speed test when you are creating your scheduled stream - but the recommended stream quality will be based on your network capacity when you run the test. If you’re planning on streaming at a time when your network will have less capacity (i.e. when more people are using the network) it is possible that you’ll need to use a lower stream quality than is recommended by the speed test.

Speed Test Additional Questions

Can I run the speed test with 1080p enabled?
If you have enabled the experimental 1080p feature, you can run the speed test. Your results will indicate if your stream quality should be set to 540p, 720p, or 1080p. 

Is the speed test available for other platforms?
The speed test is not currently available for other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn. It will be added to other platforms in future updates. 

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