The number of assets you can store in Switcher Cloud depends on which subscription plan you currently have with Switcher Studio. You can see how many assets you still have available by logging into your Switcher Studio online Dashboard and going to the Switcher Cloud tab.

Note: Users can create and store an unlimited number of assets in the Switcher Studio mobile app. There are only limitations on assets stores in Switcher Cloud.

Switcher Cloud Asset Limits by Plan

Trial Users: Trial users do not have access to Switcher Cloud.

Essentials Plan: Users on the Essentials Plan can store up to 20 assets at a time in Switcher Cloud.

Standard Plan: Users on the Standard Plan can store up to 100 assets at a time on their Switcher Cloud.

Plus Plan Users: Users on the Plus Plan can store up to 500 assets at a time on their Switcher Cloud for teams of three members. For each additional member added, you will be allotted an additional 100 assets shared across your organization.

Note: RAW images and videos do not count toward your total assets count. They only exist for instances when you would like to use them as logos or non-full screen images. Only the individually uploaded images count toward your goals.

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