If you are having trouble streaming to YouTube using Switcher's direct integration, there are several alternatives we recommend:

Streaming to Facebook 

Streaming to Facebook Live offers many of the same benefits as YouTube and is much easier to use. A few benefits:

  • If you're streaming to a public page, viewers aren't required to log into Facebook to watch, which means people don't need Facebook accounts to view the video.

  • Facebook provides a way to embed public videos onto your website. 

Streaming to Twitch

Although Twitch began as a platform mostly for gaming, people are increasingly streaming to Twitch for more general purposes. Switcher has a direct Twitch integration making it an easy streaming destination. Similar to Facebook, Twitch provides an embed code if you'd like to host the video on your website, rather than directing people to watch on Twitch.

Streaming to YouTube via Custom RTMP

Using Custom RTMP is a workaround to stream to YouTube without the direct integration. Setting up Custom RTMP is more complex than the options listed above, but if set up correctly, it will allow you to stream to YouTube.

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