Compatible devices

You can use Switcher Studio on any of the following iOS devices, running the most recent operating system (iOS 13 or newer):

iPhone: 6s and newer

iPod Touch: 7th generation


  • iPad: 5th generation and newer
  • iPad Air: 2nd generation and newer
  • iPad Mini: 4th generation and newer
  • iPad Pro: 9.7”, 10.5”, 11”, 12.9”

Note: We recommend using an iPad as your main switching device because of its larger screen size.

Storage requirements

Video recording / streaming time is limited by your battery life and available storage. Generally, 1 hour of video translates to about 1GB on your device for 720p recording and 2.5GB for 1080p recording.

Wi-Fi network requirements & setup recommendations

Your internet network is the most important factor for the quality of your video stream. For a Wi-Fi network setup, we highly recommend using a wireless router with access points. Switcher Studio users have seen great success using Google / Nest Wifi and NetGear Nighthawk M1 for this type of setup. 

To optimize your Wi-Fi, we recommend the following:

  • Use a 5GHz W-iFi router. 
  • Use a network with an upload speed of at least 3Mbps.
  • Ensure the following router settings:
  • Ports 1900-2100 must be open.
  • UDP Traffic must be open.
  • “Wireless Isolation" (sometimes referred to as "Client Isolation”) must be disabled.
  • “Frame aggregation” (sometimes referred to as “Packet Aggregation” or “TX Bursting”) must be disabled.
  • Avoid using an open or public wireless network. 
  • Position your devices near your router or access point.
  • Make sure you have a line of sight between your devices and the router or access point. If your router or access point is on the floor or if there are walls in the way, it will have an impact on your connection.

For information about other network setup options, including using a wireless router without access points, using a mobile data hotspot, and using a hardwired ethernet network, check out the Network Setup section of our knowledge base. 

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