Streaming to Twitch with Switcher Studio is a quick and easy process to setup. Our built-in integration as a Twitch partner makes the setup process hassle-free and easy to navigate.

Linking your Twitch account within Switcher Studio

Tap the "+" icon in the Outputs tab. Tap the Twitch logo to continue.

Select Link Your Twitch Account.

Type in the username and password used to sign into your Twitch account (this is different than the email address/password combination that is used for your Switcher Studio account).

You will receive an SMS text message to the phone number linked to your Twitch account. This phone number was chosen when you created your Twitch account originally on and is not determined by Switcher Studio. Please type the code provided via SMS text message into the Token box, and choose Verify Token.

Next, you'll need to authorize your account.

Your Twitch account is now linked to Switcher Studio!

Creating a Twitch livestream within Switcher Studio

Enter the fields for Title and Category. You can also choose whether to implement a delay or ingest the servers. Then, select a quality for your broadcast.

Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the better your wireless network will need to be. If you start to experience lag, dropped frames, or even crashes, you may want to lower your quality for the sake of your networking connection.

Once you are satisfied, tap Update Settings.

Make sure that you are in the Outputs tab on the Switcher Studio app. Tap on the word "Twitch" to checkmark Twitch as your intended destination. The name of your stream will show in grey text.

Make sure this name matches the stream you intend to perform. If this does not, create a new event using the steps above.

If everything looks correct, tap the big red button in the top-right corner to go live!

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