Facebook Polling is a great way to connect with your audience. Polling allows you to ask your viewers a question and get real time feedback. 

To setup and use a poll, after you have started your Facebook Live broadcast:

1. Tap on the Facebook Live Polling icon.

2. Tap load polls

3. Since you're creating a new poll, tap "None."

4. Tap "Create Poll".

5. Enter the question and response options for your poll and tap "Create."

6. You can create additional polls to use in the future by tapping "Create Poll," or tap "Close" if you're finished.

7. The poll will now be live for your viewers.

Note: If you have viewers watching on mobile, they'll need to tap the purple graph icon on their device for the poll to show up.

8. When you are ready to stop the poll and display the results to your audience, tap on “Show Results” in the Facebook Polling tab.

9. Tap "Show Results" in the modal window to confirm. 

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